“I’m Jess Dudley” an inspired creative in my late 50’s and I’m good with that.  Married to Keith over 25 yrs and Mom to Caitlin, who brings her creative management to this website.


I’m up early every morning going about my creative practices of making art. I have a quiet little phrase I say to myself all the time and it makes the early morning hours more agreeable. "I don't want to be lucky, I want to be good". I’m a student of materials and the encaustic or watercolor process. As I learn how to work with wax or water colors, I grow my awareness and understanding. I thrive in this atmosphere. In the course of a morning a piece will come together, and I will stand back and begin to understand. Most times the title will become apparent and understanding will follow.

By day, I am a Personal Trainer and Fitness Director at a local gym in the northern suburbs of Atlanta. As I handle some management responsibilities and communications I am always tapping into the creative. In listening to clients goals, I tap in to creative ways to get them there. I have a great balance of quiet art centered mornings and public, people centered days and evenings. Every piece you view here on my website has been a journey. Titles carry deep meaning, and there is always hope present either in the stroke of a bright color or peaking out of the wax.